Your end-to-end encrypted backend.

Etebase makes it easy to build end-to-end encrypted applications by taking care of the encryption and its related challenges.

Think Firebase but encrypted in a way that only end-users can access their data.

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Securely encrypt and upload your data with only a few lines of code.
// Setup encryption and login to server
const etebase = await Etebase.Account.login("username", "password");
const collectionManager = etebase.getCollectionManager();

// Create, encrypt and upload a new collection
const collection = await collectionManager.create(
  { name: "My data" },
  "My private data!"
await collectionManager.upload(collection);

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Strong Encryption

Etebase is built using end-to-end encryption and modern cryptography, so your users can be sure that only they can access their data.

Packed with Goodies

Etebase is packed with optional goodies for your every need, including: a full revision history of your data, easy sharing among users, strong integrity protections and more.

Battle Tested

Etebase uses the widely used and audited libsodium behind the scenes, and is based on the code that powers EteSync. So you know you can rely on it.

What is Etebase

A set of client libraries and a server for building end-to-end encrypted applications.

Build apps quickly without worrying about the infrastructure or the encryption by using any of the Etebase client libraries. Everything is open-source, clients and server, so you can be sure it does what it says on the tin.
Etebase is available on all major platforms and is used by applications on the desktop, mobile and the web.

Why Etebase

Some of the reasons why you would want to use Etebase.

Users care

Users care more and more about the privacy and security of their data. With Etebase, you have them both.

Data breach protection

Encrypted data is safe in the case of a breach, and isn't even considered a data-breach under GDPR and HIPAA.

Easier compliance

End-to-end encryption makes it much easier to comply with privacy regulation such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and FERPA.

Cryptography is hard

Cryptography is different because it's easy to get wrong, hard to get right, and even harder to know if you got it right.


Etebase supports sharing data, access control, and everything you need for collaborative editing.

Integrated billing(Beta)

Integrated billing lets you charge users for using your service using a variety of different payment methods.

Performance tuned

Etebase makes it easy to build performant applications while keeping user data both private and secure.

Open-source software

Etebase is open-source which means there is no vendor lock-in and anyone can audit the code and contribute.

Here for the long run

We started working on EteSync, the first step of our vision, in 2017 and haven't stopped since.

Straightforward API, Fully Encrypted

We take care of the encryption and its related challenges so you don't have to.

Fetch the first 50 collections
const etebase = await Etebase.Account.login("username", "password");
const collectionManager = etebase.getCollectionManager();

// Fetch the first 50 collections
const collections = await collectionManager.list("etebase.files", { limit: 50 });

for (const collection of {
  console.log("Got collection:", collection.uid);

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