Let's Encrypt Everything!

We built Etebase to enable developers to easily and quickly build secure encrypted applications. Etebase takes care of the encryption and its related challenges so you can focus on what you do best: building great applications.

Building encrypted applications is notoriously hard and time consuming. To make matters worth, good cryptography and bad cryptography look the same to the untrained eye, so people are building insecure applications and don't even realise it.

With our ever more digital lives, and with data breaches and privacy scandals becoming a common occurrence, securing user data is more important than ever before. This will only keep on growing.

Who are we?

We are a team of veteran developers and contributors with years of experience working in top-tech companies and building encrypted applications.

We are a European company with servers in Europe, and we follow the strict European privacy laws. We design our products in a way that prevents anyone, including us, from accessing your or your users' data.

We are proudly supported by the NLnet Foundation (courtesy of NGI0 Discovery and the European Commission DG CNECT's Next Generation Internet programme) and Svix - Webhooks as a service.

Do you care a lot about data privacy and security?

We are always looking for passionate individuals to join our team!

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For help with building applications using Etebase, join our developer community chat which is available via the web, IRC, or Matrix. Or reach out to us on Twitter, Mastodon and reddit.

If you would like to contact us regarding a private matter, you can do so by email. If your email contains sensitive or private information, please encrypt it using the following PGP key: 0x9E21F091FC395F366A4743E2D2E584C37C477933.

For press related enquiries, please email us at press@etebase.com

Credit and Attribution

Etebase is open-source software and is made possible thanks to the works of many contributors and open-source projects. For more information please check out our source code repositories.

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Warrant Canary

To view the warrant canary, please click here. If you are not sure what a warrant canary is, you can learn about it here.

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